Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Built from Boxes - The Best ways to reuse boxes

Over time, everyone has a numerous cardboard boxes to get rid of. However, what if you did not have to get rid of them. What if you can transform them into different things to simplify your life. Here are fifteen different uses for boxes that you may or may not have thought of:
  • Use Boxes When you are moving: Boxes allow you to organize your things into different sections while staying organized during your move. If you are not planning on moving anytime soon, give them to a friend who is, or save them for any of these projects. 
  • Use old boxes for presents and gifts: This can be very helpful when you have a bigger or awkward gift to wrap. Additionally, you can wrap the empty box and give it as a box of love (for someone you love) or a box of farts as a practical joke. 
  • Make boxes into toy boxes: This is great for kids, they can decorate the box then use them to organize their toys. 
  • Make safety kits: Every region has their ominous weather. It is always important to have an emergency kit for when the weather turns nasty. This can include blankets, clothes, food, water and a first aid kit. 
  • Put cleaning supplies into boxes: This can prevent children and pets from having access to hazardous chemicals. 
  • Make a box shelf: You can make a sturdy shelving unit from boxes that can be hung on walls. First, decorate the boxes to your style. Then, hang them on the walls with nails. There you have a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) box shelf. 
  • Place cords in boxes: This can be a great way to organize cords under a desk or behind a television set. You can cut holes in the side of the boxes, where the cords will come out, and label them so you know what cord is connected to what electronic device. It will also, take away the look of being unorganized.
  • Use small boxes as cubes: These are great for toddlers, to enhance hand eye coordination. 
  • Use boxes as pet beds: Pets love to be a cuddled up in a small warm place. Put a blanket in a box for an ideal pet bed. Additionally, your feline friends will love chewing on the sides of the box. 
  • Grow plants in them:  Potted plants can be placed inside boxes, to add a more homey feel. 
  • Create jewelry boxes: Are you always loosing your jewelry? Place them in a cardboard box and never have that issue again. 
  • Make a crayon box:  Another great idea for toddlers! They can color their box and then store their crayons in them. 
  • Donation boxes: Do you have a bunch of old clothes in your closet to get rid of? Put them in boxes to clear out the space from your closet and bring them to a donation center. 
  • Pet homes: Boxes make great homes for small rodents. They will feel warm and safe, and have something to chew on. 
Have you done any of these Do it Yourself projects with cardboard boxes before? How did they turnout? Now go forth and create your perfect box project. 

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